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Cone. Tractors: 430, 470, 480, 480B, 530, 580, 580B, 580C, 570. Combines: 460. Wheel Loaders: W5, W5A, 500LK, 680B, 680CK, 680BCK. Uni-Loader: 1700. Haybalers: 200, 230, 330. Mold-Board Plows: 2000, 3300, 4000, 7000, 8300. Chisel Plows: 5600, M5600, 5000, WWC37. Disc Harrows: D39, D15, D24, E30, G, F21, F21H, J100, K23, K23A, K23B, 30. Forklifts: 584D, 585D, 586D. Replaces A29976.
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Interchange 10262GV,14137AGV,85114137A,
Net Weight (lbs) 0.43
Overall Width(Inches) 0.771"
Overall Width(mm) 19.583 mm
Brand AgSmart
Make Type Model
Case Chisel Plow 5000
Case Chisel Plow 5600
Case Chisel Plow M5600
Case Chisel Plow WWC37
Case Combine 460
Case Disc Harrow D15
Case Disc Harrow D24
Case Disc Harrow D39
Case Disc Harrow E30
Case Disc Harrow F21
Case Disc Harrow F21H
Case Disc Harrow G
Case Disc Harrow J100
Case Disc Harrow K23
Case Disc Harrow K23A
Case Disc Harrow K23B
Case Forklift 584D
Case Forklift 585D
Case Forklift 586D
Case Hay Baler 230
Case Plow 2000
Case Plow 3300
Case Plow 4000
Case Plow 7000
Case Plow 8300
Case Tractor 200
Case Tractor 330
Case Tractor 430
Case Tractor 470
Case Tractor 480
Case Tractor 480B
Case Tractor 530
Case Tractor 570
Case Tractor 580
Case Tractor 580B
Case Tractor 580C
Case Tractor 680B
Case Tractor 680BCK
Case Wheel Loader 500LK
Case Wheel Loader W5
Case Wheel Loader W5A

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